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The online streaming shows you a great panorama of the seaside of Novorossiysk, a port town in southern Russia. The webcam is at Novorossiysk Harbour area on the Tsemes Bay, situated on the northern coast of the Black Sea. You can see the Marine Station and the ship-museum cruiser “Mikhail Kutuzov”, a 1950s light warship cruiser. It was part of the Soviet Navy and later of the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet, being now an attractive military museum ship.
Besides the cruiser is Embankment of Admiral Serebryako, where stands the tall sculpture Stela Marine Glory of Russia - featuring an angel holding a ship – in the centre of a fountain.
In the foreground is displayed a stretch of the seaside road - Mira street, as well as the appealing promenade along which there are numerous sculptures, gardens, a marina and offering magnificent views around the bay!

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