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Madalena Do Mar Cam, Madeira

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This moving HD live webcam shows astonishing views over the village of Madalena do Mar, on the southwest coast of Madeira Island, Portugal.
The online camera is set at the viewpoint next to Costa Verde Restaurant, in Arco da Calheta, overlooking the scenic village on the Atlantic Ocean, Madalena do Mar pebble beach, the Madeira Regional Road (Estrada Regional) and the imposing steep hills. You will also see the banana plantations and a view of the eolic energy turbines at Paul da Serra wind farm, situated at the top of the central west part of the island.
This warm settlement in Madeira offers you a tranquil holiday amid the sea and the magnificent nature scenery. There are cozy villas where you can stay on the striking hills overlooking the ocean or below at the waterfront. You can always go for a swim in the warm sea and take an exotic hike through the banana plantations along the Banana Route "Rota da Banana, Vereda da Vargem".
In fact, Madalena do Mar harvests bananas through the winter all year round and has the largest banana plantations in all of Madeira, which is well-known for this fruit cultivation in Portugal.

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