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Paul Do Mar Cam, Madeira

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This live HD webcam feed takes you to Paul do Mar, a civil parish belonging to Calheta municipality, situated on the southwest coast of the Portuguese Island of Madeira.
The streaming camera located on top of a cliff at the Restaurant 'O Precipício' in Fajã da Ovelha overlooks the historic fishing village of Paul do Mar, the Atlantic ocean and the Regional road (ER 223), including close-up views of the popular beaches, the crowded Maktub Pub and the fishing port.
Paul do Mar is very popular with surfers from around the world, this is where you will find great tubular waves, crystal clear water and the two lovely beaches, Ribeira das Galinhas and Porto de Abrigo.
This live HD feed is owned and operated by and in partnership with the Restaurant O Precipício.

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